Dário Coelho
Concept + Storyboard Artist, Filmmaker
I design and illustrate virtual, imaginative worlds, as well as real stages. I’ve spent the past 20 years working for Games, Film, Advertising, Publishing and Theater companies from all around the world. I’ve studied Fine Arts in Vienna and received an education in Entertainment Design in Los Angeles, after which I’ve been living and working in Hamburg and Berlin. Nowadays I’m rebuilding an old farmhouse in the infamous Wendland, Northern Germany, and living the good life.
The past few years I’ve been focusing more on film and motion picture content, being able to conceptualize, art direct, visualize and last but not least produce commercials, image films, music videos and short films.
Clients I’ve worked for include Adidas, Ubisoft, Valve, 2k Games, Disney, Activision, CD Projekt Red, Electronic Arts, Karakter Concept, Thunderberg Films, Wideshot, Nivea, Skoda and many others from all sorts of industries.