Dario Coelho

Concept Art

Designs for Film and Games.


Narrative sketches for Film and Advertising.


Paintings for Covers and Marketing.


Random mixed media sketches and tryouts.

About Me

Concept + Storyboard Artist, Illustrator + Painter, Director

Concept Art

Designs for Film, Games and Theater


Narrative sketches for Advertising and Film


Paintings for Marketing, Book & Magazine Covers


Camera, Cut, Color Grading

Hi there!

You probably want to know something about me, so here we go:

I've got my first illustration jobs when I was 14 years old, mainly drawing for advertising agencies and small companies. Over the years my experience spanned over comic book coloration, tattooing, stage design for psychedelic trance parties and later on theater. When I began my studies in Fine Arts at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna, I've financed my studies by drawing storyboards for advertising companies, which I continue to do so. I've managed to work on various game projects as well, where I could combine my experience in stage design and theater with the virtual stages to decorate. I consider this line of field my focus, but in recent years there's been a slow shift towards film, where I could contribute as the man behind the camera and make some babysteps in directing/screenwriting as well.

I've lived in several places around the world, namely Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and recently moved to the Wendland in northern Germany, where I bought a marvellous half-timbered house from 1780, which is now being transformed into a gallery and studio place for me and my co-workers.

I continue to search for greater challenges and love to participate in projects of all sorts. So if you find my work interesting, feel free to contact me!



  • Residence Wendland, Germany
  • Address Prie├čeck 8A, 29459 Clenze
  • e-mail mail@dariocoelho.com
  • Skype coelhodario
  • Freelance Available


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Wendland, Germany
Freelance Available

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